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In-store technology opens up opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers to monetize stores, extracting maximum value by promoting compelling advertising on digital display networks. What’s required for physical to compete with e-commerce profits? This webinar will uncover the strategies and technologies that foster new revenue streams and increase brand monetization while simultaneously improving the in-store experience.
Our panel of retail monetization experts discuss:
  • What is in-store monetization, and why is it critical for brick-and-mortar success today?
  • What you’ll need to monetize your stores
  • Why brands value in-store media
  • How to create effective in-store media experiences 
  • How to scale in-store content to “feed the beast”
  • The secrets behind a successful in store pilot/proof of concept

PRN panelists include: 

Kevin Carbone, CEO
Jonathan Rosen,  SVP, Content, Strategy, and Creative Services
Chuck Billups, SVP, Brand Advertising and Retail Partnerships
Katie Harless, SVP, Services and Operations